Our Honeymoon: Marbella

The next morning we decided to head out and visit one of the local towns, Marbella. We’d actually already stopped there by mistake on our way to our resort, but this time we wanted to see the city and visit the beach.

The view from our door as we left the resort.

IMG_3918 (Large)

Click for the panorama!

20140625_124656 (Large)

Our first stop was an Indian restaurant. The port city of Málaga was a historic trading post for India, so there are actually a lot of Indian restaurants all along the Spanish coast, and since it’s one of our favorite ethnic foods, we were more than excited to try this restaurant out. The place was decorated beautifully and the service was top notch!

IMG_3922 (Large)
IMG_3923 (Large)

Here’s us relaxing on all the pretty fluffy cushions around our table!

20140625_133245 (Large)
IMG_3925 (Large)
IMG_3927 (Large)

Can’t tell this story without mentioning the water. :) In Europe, I’ve typically experienced issues when ordering water–if you just ask for “water,” they will invariably bring you seltzer water, which I hate. So, we specifically asked for “just plain water.” I have a pretty strong stomach and am not afraid of drinking local water unless there are known issues, but my attempt to get tap water still proved to be unsuccessful. We were brought a gorgeous bottle of mineral water–that cost us about €8. #facepalm

IMG_3928 (Large)

The samosas we ordered were DELICIOUS and beautiful plated. The rest of our food (aloo gobi, palak paneer, and garlic naan) was equally as tasty.

IMG_3929 (Large)
IMG_3931 (Large)
IMG_3932 (Large)

After completely stuffing ourselves, we headed towards the center of town, parked and explored the town’s squares and parks, and of course the beach, which was just a few minutes walking distance away. I’ll just leave these photos here without descriptions since they speak for themselves!

IMG_3938 (Large)
IMG_3940 (Large)
20140625_143154 (Large)
20140625_143201 (Large)
IMG_3950 (Large)
IMG_3947 (Large)
IMG_3954 (Large)
IMG_3961 (Large)
IMG_3962 (Large)

After a trip to a local grocery store to get food stuffs for the rest of the week (this was actually really fun for us), we spent the afternoon back at our resort, and I convinced Erick to go back down to play at the beach again, although he preferred to sit under the umbrella instead. :)

20140625_184543 (Large)

I love the beach! Especially when it’s basically empty. Click for the panorama!

20140625_184421 (Large)

I guess I should have let Erick stay under the umbrella, but I dragged him down to the water’s edge and we played in the (cold) Mediterranean water for a bit, took silly videos, and skipped stones. It was so much fun–until… Erick inadvertently stepped on some kind of sand wasp and got STUNG. :( Not so much fun. His foot started to swell up and get really red, and I freaked out for just a second, wondering what we would do if he had a serious allergic reaction.

Fortunately, the pain subsided enough for him to be able to walk back to our condo, where we administered state-of-the-art medicinal techniques to his foot (we smeared toothpaste all over it) and that seemed to help.

Dinner on our balcony. Besides the stupid wasp sting, it was a pretty good day!

20140625_182453 (Large)

Tomorrow, we visit an ancient Spanish palace in Grenada.

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