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15 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. My name is Fenel Pierre, all the way from the Island of Haiti. Mary Miller shares the website and news with me. Lindsey and Erick, on this special day of yours,
    I wish you health
    I wish you wealth
    I wish you joy in store
    What could I wish you more!

  2. What a lovely website! Congratulations to you both! We are excited for you, and look forward to your special day. May God richly bless you as you prepare for the rest of your life together :) Love you, Dan and Yolanda

  3. Hi Lindsey and Erick!! Aww, loved ya’lls story, too funny :D thanks for sharing! I’m so excited for you two! Oh, and Dan looks all gangster next to Sid (wedding party page).. shoooot. lololol :D

  4. Your engagement pictures are lovely. I am glad to see you two so happy together! Blessings to the both of you! Love, Erin

  5. What a beautiful website! I just about cried when I first saw your timeline.
    I love how God has brought you and Erick together to conclude the “single life” years.
    You will be a beautiful bride!
    Congratulations!! Praying that the planning goes well!

  6. We are just so excited for you two and can’t wait for your wedding day. It will be a wonderful week-end! Your website is awesome, very well done. We love you both….

  7. So exciting! Congratulations! I’m very happy for you two. Very nice website, too. Good job:) Get your wedding registry up ASAP so I can buy you stuff!!!!

  8. Congrats Erick and Lindsey! Your website is AMAZING!!!!! best of luck with the wedding planning. you’re gonna be such a beautiful bride!

  9. This is absolutely lovely and we are so excited for you two! It was so great to read about the two of you and how you became a couple…. And a mighty good-looking couple at that. We share in your excitement and joy; can’t wait for the wedding! Hugs & love to you both!!

  10. I loved going through your website! Your story is so special….and I especially liked the “Fun and Games” (inside joke haha!). Can’t wait to see more photos and updates in the few months ahead….June 22 is coming quickly! Love you both so much!

  11. I know this is still under construction, but the “Our story” is amazing. I have never seen one this creative! You are doing such a wonderful job on this. Can’t wait to see the whole thing when it’s done.