About the Groom

Erick was born in Manila, Philippines, on February 14, 1990. As the only boy among the four siblings, he enjoyed the benefit of being the only son, well loved by his two older sisters, Emilynda and Elliscent, and his younger sister, Joelle.

When Erick was three, the whole family moved to Saudi Arabia to join his dad, who was working at a oil refinery there. Erick was homeschooled with the children of other dads also working there. At this school, he enjoyed studying as well as developing his social skills interacting with other kids. He excelled in class academics and was well liked by his teacher and schoolmates.

Although Saudi culture prohibits the practice of religions other than Islam, Erick was not hindered in his growth in Christian beliefs and values, as the family attended closed door fellowship gatherings with other Christians. Erick actively participated in these services whenever asked, and was able to hear and study about God’s Word.

In December 2000, the family moved back to the Philippines where Erick finished grade school and his freshman year in high school. In his home country, he had more friends, more teachers and more chances to play sports, but also more challenges to deal with. Erick prevailed, not losing sight of the importance of education and moral and Christian values amidst chaotic city life.

In April 2004, we moved to the U.S. to look for better opportunities and a better life, especially for our children. By God’s leading, we landed right here in the vicinity of Andrews University, where Erick continued high school at the academy and had the opportunity to be the student association president, graduating with the leadership award when he was just 16.

Erick pursued his college studies at Andrews University in architecture, but unfavorable employment outlook in this field made him switch his course to a health-related field in which he has the desire and potential to build himself up in this career. At that time, he transferred to Southern Adventist University where he met Lindsey, who has also inspired him to pursue his goal.

Erick has a passion for others. He always offers help to others whenever the opportunity arises, and a social connection is built into his character. He is technically creative and is a quick learner of how a system works, with a handyman’s intuition of how to fix things. He loves playing sports like basketball and football and is an avid Patriots fan, just like Lindsey. Erick is musically gifted, too. He plays guitar very well and has been active in church praise teams since his high school years.

As parents, we are proud of Erick for both what he is and for what he is not. We know with the help of the Almighty One, he has the innate qualities to be a responsible husband and family man.

–Enrico & Lynette Quinones, parents of the groom




About the Bride

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One thought on “About the Groom

  1. Sorry we didn’t know you years ago, Erick, but we look forward to watching you and Lindsey develop your home and using your talents together.